The Good End 2021 Auto Insurance

Good End 2021 is the most anticipated weekend of the year for millions of buyers in Mexico looking for the opportunity to buy all kinds of products and services at the lowest prices and with the best promotions, as well as great payment facilities. 

In this 11th edition of Good End, Ahorra Seguros could not be left out, so in this 2021 we bring you the best discounts and offers to be able to rent your car insurance completely online.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, this event is not to be missed and is an opportunity for millions of drivers to get the much-needed car insurance for their safety, health, and economy.

At AhorraSeguros.MX we know perfectly the needs and requirements of our customers, that's why in this Good End Seguros 2021 we offer you only exclusive promotions, discounts, and benefits that you will not be able to find with any other online quotation or even with them. insurers. Quote now and see for yourself!

What is a good ending?

El Buen Fin is an 11-year-old event held in Mexico to support family economies, as well as to encourage domestic activity and increase formal trade in the country. It is organized by various public and private organizations and consists of the promotion and sale of products and services by various companies (about 100,000) with offers, discounts, rebates, promotions, and special benefits that apply only for a few days in November.

In general, Good End Insurance only takes place over a weekend (hence the name), but last year and in 2021 it was decided to extend the promotion days due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the world, because in addition. 

it also helps to avoid overcrowding and contagion, it also aims to give greater impetus to the savings of families and companies that have been severely affected by the restrictive measures and closures that have been carried out throughout the health situation.

When is the good end of 2021?

This edition of Good End 2021 in car insurance and all types of products will take place for 7 days, from Wednesday 10 to Tuesday 15 November of this year, dates on which it is estimated that over 95 thousand companies will join these special discounts and promotions to boost sales and the economy in Mexico.

Unlike other Good End years, this time (as well as in 2020) this event will take more days than usual to avoid congestion in stores and malls and thus prevent the spread of Covid-19, as we remember that The pandemic is not over yet, and although most states in the country are already under the green epidemiological traffic light, we must not lower our guard. 

For this reason, both the authorities and the companies call on the entire population to comply with the health measures and, if possible, to opt for online purchases, in which the same offers and benefits are managed.

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Mx that you hope to hire and take pleasure in the trust that auto insurance provides you, because it is more than just an expense, hire your insurance car as required by law. Give yourself the opportunity to walk freely and confidently because it is mandatory, and because no one is exempt from experiencing something unexpected in today's world, do so.

Final discounts on major health insurance policies are available.

The same is true for our website, where we are offering incredible discounts and benefits this year to help you hire the best insurance for your family's major medical expenses and protect the ones you care about the most. Contact us today to learn more! the possibility of contracting Covid-19 or contracting any other disease or being involved in an accident

What are the benefits of renting my car insurance in Good End 2021 from Ahorra Seguros?

Car insurance is mandatory in Mexico City, as you are well aware. According to the Traffic Regulations, every vehicle passing through Mexico City must be covered by liability insurance, which will protect you against any damage or injury that may occur while driving through the city. in the case of third parties parts that were a result of an accident

So, you already know that this is a requirement that you must meet and that you have been waiting to hire someone, now is your chance to take advantage of the best offers from the widest variety of insurers available only in Ahorra Seguros, and the best coverage available only with the best insurance.

Additionally, there are other opportunities to purchase affordable insurance, such as during the peak of the car-insurance sales season in July and August.

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