South America Travel Insurance

 Investigate the plans and coverage provided by South America travel insurance, as well as what other customers have to say about the insurance provider. As a result, you can negotiate a more relaxed contract!

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The one thing that cannot be left out of any traveler's luggage these days is travel insurance. After all, knowing that you are protected and supported in the event of a medical emergency or other inclement weather can save any trip from having a negative experience, as well as from incurring exorbitant unexpected costs.

South America Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is required for any trip, short or long, anywhere in the world, even if it is only within the country, whether it is for tourists, students, or people traveling for business.

As a result, South America, the largest independent insurance group in Brazil, provides quality and security to travelers in order to meet their needs. It does so by providing travel insurance packages, life insurance, and health insurance, among other products. Find out more!

Travel insurance plans for South America are available for purchase online, right from the time of quotation, in a secure and convenient manner. Furthermore, it enables you to tailor the itinerary to meet the specific requirements of your trip.

Consequently, you will only be able to hire the insurance coverage that is appropriate for your profile and your destination.

Your plans are divided into the following categories:


It offers three different types of air travel plans, as well as three different types of sea travel plans: Compact, Mundo, and Prestige. However, there are significant differences between the plans in terms of services and coverage values. Consequently, you can find coverage for any of the five continents in any of the Mundo plans.

Latin America

When it comes to air travel, it offers two different types of plans: Compact and Latin America. In addition, it offers three different types of sea travel plans: Compact, Maritime, and Prestige. Compact plans are the most affordable.

Although the destination may be in Latin America, the coverage values are always expressed in US dollars, regardless of the region.


Europe's plans include two types of air travel (Compact and Europe) and three types of sea travel (all of which are similar to those in Latin America) (Compact, Maritime, and Prestige).

Plans for Europe travel insurance must meet all of the requirements of the Schengen Treaty, which applies to a number of different European countries.


The Brasil plans are divided into six types, which differ in terms of services and coverage values: Brasil, Brasil Compacto, Brasil Prestige, Cercano Brasil, Cercano Brasil Compacto, and Cercano Brasil Prestige. 

The Cercano Brasil plans are divided into two types: Cercano Brasil Compacto and Cercano Brasil Prestige. You will also find the value of travel insurance coverage in Brazil plans, which is denoted by the number of reais it contains.


It is also divided into three types: Prestige Student, Compact Student, and Student, all of which are suitable for exchange trips to any destination.

Insurance for Travel to South America

Travel insurance for South America includes the following types of coverage:

There are some differences in coverage values between the plans, as well as the Compact plans not including some services that are included in the intermediate and Prestige plans.

  • As a result, the following benefits are included in all plans:
  • A companion in the event of a lengthy hospitalization
  • Expenses for legal representation
  • medical transportation and pharmaceutical costs
  • Loss of baggage companion hosting is a serious problem.
  • Accidental death or total or partial disability as a result of an accident while traveling is a possibility.
  • Extending the stay for sanitary reasons and returning the companion
  • Expenses for medical, dental, and hospital care (With national coverage only in the Brazil plan)
  • The insured body transfer is returned to the insurance company.
  • Only the intermediate and prestige plans provide the following coverage:
  • cancellation of a trip
  • Trip cancellation due to a funeral
  • Additional services that can be hired include:
  • Concierge services are available (except compact plan)
  • the location of the luggage
  • Advice in the event of a documented loss
  • Transmittal of time-sensitive messages

Is travel insurance for South America a good idea?

Using the internet to conduct some research, you will be able to gather the opinions of a number of people who have already benefited from the South America services.

These viewpoints can be found on specialized websites such as Procon, SUSEP, and Reclame Aqui, as well as forums and social media networks.

To give you an example, you can filter results by the insurance company's name in Reclame Aqui and then find the niches in which the company operates. As a result, you can search for 'Is South America Vida e Seguro Viagem a reputable company?'.

As a result, we conducted a survey that was open from November 1, 2020, to April 30, 2021, in order to assist you.

During this time period, the travel insurance company received a 'Great' rating from the website Reclame Aqui, which is an independent review site. She received 87 complaints in this service niche, responded to 86 of them, and received an 8.6/10 rating for her efforts.

Another 31 people took the time to evaluate it, and they gave it a 7.9 out of 10.

In addition, 67.7 percent of customers who experienced a problem say they will use travel insurance services again in the future.

As a result, it achieved a solution rate of 96.8 percent in total. Consequently, we can conclude that travel insurance for South America is beneficial.

The continent of South America

The South America Companhia Nacional de Seguros de Vida was established in Rio de Janeiro in 1895 by Dom Joaquim Sanchez de Larragoiti as a life insurance company.

South America has more than 120 years of experience in the insurance market and has always placed a high value on the quality of services and customer service provided to policyholders. 

As a result, he formed partnerships with well-known companies in their respective fields in order to provide greater benefits to their customers. Many awards have been bestowed upon South America, praising the high level of excellence with which they have performed in providing their services. 

These include the Exame Magazine Award for being one of the top 50 insurance companies in the country, as well as the Customer Service Excellence Award.

Furthermore, it provides more than just individual health insurance plans to its customers. Travel insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and pension insurance are some of the products that it provides. Additionally, South America offers solutions in the field of business insurance.

So, what did you think of the insurance plans that were made available by the company?

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