GTA travel insurance

Do you already have a working knowledge of the travel protection services that GTA travel insurance provides? Following is a complete list of all of the insurance options available to travelers during the most difficult of circumstances.

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The purchase of travel insurance is a must-have for any trip, whether it's for pleasure, school or work in a foreign country, or even a domestic trip within the country.

Because they have travel insurance, travelers are free to enjoy the unforgettable experience without having to worry about bad weather or medical emergencies. Additional assistance is available at any time of day or night, no matter where you are in the world.

However, in order to take advantage of this facility, you must first contract with one of the best insurance companies in Brazil, which will ensure your safety. GTA travel insurance is one of these options. Find out more!

GTA (Global Travel Assistance) is an acronym that stands for Global Travel Assistance.

GTA is a travel insurance and assistance company with more than 25 years of experience in the travel insurance and assistance industry. It is considered to be one of the best insurance companies in Brazil, and it provides high-quality insurance services as well as international and national travel assistance.

In order to provide quality service to customers, it has 40 operational centers and more than 300 service stations, which are home to more than 3,000 highly trained and qualified employees. Aside from that, it has more than 500 telephone lines available, with the capacity to handle approximately 90,000 calls per hour.

With the help of an intelligent quotation system, the customer can receive the values and rates of the plans that best meet his or her needs, based on the length of the trip, the number of people traveling, their profiles, and the location of the trip.

Plans for Travel Insurance in the GTA

GTA offers a diverse selection of travel options to its customers, each with a specific plan for the type of travel and destination.

plans on a global scale

These are specific plans for Europe that take into consideration the obligations of countries that are signatories to the Schengen Agreement. A further benefit is that the company offers plans with higher coverage values for the United States, a country that is well-known for its high medical costs.

Cruises are on the horizon.

Designed specifically for national and international maritime transportation, with coverage that is limited to this type of journey.

plans at the national level

It provides travel coverage throughout the entire Brazilian territory, whether by air or land transportation and with a variety of coverage and services options to choose from.

Plans for exchange students are in the works.

According to the study period, several international plans with extended validity were available, each with a different level of specific coverage.

Check out these 5 suggestions for selecting the best international travel insurance!

plans for the corporation

GTA travel insurance provides customized plans for businesses and professionals who must travel frequently on a regular basis.

Sports activities are on the horizon.

Particularly tailored to the needs of sports practitioners, whether amateurs or professionals, with exclusive coverage for these types of claims.

plans for receptivity

Foreigners who are visiting Brazil can take advantage of this type of plan.

The plans include coverage for a variety of situations.

Plans for trips to domestic and international destinations include the necessary coverage for the duration of the trip. The list includes everything from assistance in the event of luggage problems to medical and hospital expenses.

Assistance and guidance: in the event of a documented loss, reimbursement procedures, or legal assistance; assistance and guidance

Problems with luggage include, among other things, assistance and compensation in the event of a loss or theft of luggage;

Emergency medical and hospital expenses: in the event of illnesses or accidents occurring during the trip, including prescription medication and dental expenses;

Transfers: in the event of illness or an accident, health return, body transfer, and other necessary transportation will be provided.

if you die or become disabled as a result of an accident while traveling, you will be compensated.

Litigation and litigation expenses: reimbursement of legal expenses such as bail and other legal expenses incurred while on the trip

However, depending on the purpose of the trip and the final destination, the plans may differ. As a result, they differ in terms of coverage amounts as well as medical expenses.

As a result, it is necessary to conduct thorough research on the destination of the trip in order to select a plan that meets your requirements and will not present any surprises if you are required to use it.

Coverage under the Covid-19 travel insurance policy

In addition to coverage for laboratory and imaging tests, the plans include coverage for Covid-19, whether they are national or international plans, with a variety of options to make care more convenient in the event of suspicion, confirmation, or treatment of the disease during the course of the trip, among other things.

Is purchasing GTA travel insurance a good and dependable idea?

It is necessary to conduct an opinion poll in order to determine whether GTA travel insurance is beneficial. You can ask relatives and friends who have already hired this protection and also search on websites and forums.

However, in order to better serve you, we conducted a survey on the Reclame Aqui website. As a result, during the period from April 1, 2020, to March 31, 2021, the insurer received 44 complaints, with 100 percent of them being resolved.

As a result, after 24 evaluations, it received a rating of 6.7/10 on the website and a rating of 5.71/10 from the customers. Furthermore, it achieved a solution rate of 70.8 percent, demonstrating that it is a company that is concerned about its customers' well-being.

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