Are Insurers listed in the SIPRES Condusef?

In what capacity does SPIRES CONDUSEF function, and how does it do so?

System of the Register of Financial Service Providers (SPIRES), which is widely regarded as being one of the most important organizations in our country, is in charge of carrying out all operations related to the public register that was established by the Protection Law for Users of Financial Services, promoting operations consisting in the provision of corporate and general information about financial institutions that are under the jurisdiction of the SPIRES, and ensuring that all financial institutions comply with the requirements of the Protection Law (CONFUSED).

A major component of the establishment of SPIRES Condusef is the proper maintenance of a public register that was established by the Ministry of Law with the primary objective of providing all corporate and general information about financial institutions that compete with Condusef.

In addition to allowing the general public to know the address of a financial institution, as well as its administrative and legal situation, in addition to the minimum fixed capital it possesses, this system is also notable for allowing the general public to know the data that it represents. the information that was requested from each of the financial institutions in order to enter into a contractual agreement

And if you are unable to locate a particular institution within the system, it is most likely due to the following reasons:

It is not a financial institution in the traditional sense.

The applicable regulations are not being followed.

Overall, the general provisions of the Register of Financial Service Providers specify the obligations of each financial institution, which are updated, revised, and validated in accordance with the updates, revisions, and validations of the institution's general and corporate information.

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What are the goals of the SIPRES Condusef organization?

SIPRES Condusef is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting healthy and transparent competition among all institutions in the sector. It operates in accordance with specific and defined objectives, such as:

providing the public with all corporate information pertaining to financial institutions that are still registered with the National Commission, and disseminating that information to the public

A proper financial culture among the population is promoted by him, taking into consideration the various sectors and activities in which the Mexican Financial System operates, as well as contributing to the improvement of guidance strategies and advice on each. of the users' behalf.

Access should be made easier, and all information should be made available to authorities, financial institutions, and the National Commission itself.

Organize and centralize all information provided to financial authorities and institutions that is relevant to the mission of SIPRES.

Finally, one of the primary purposes for which the Financial Service Provider Registration System was established was to notify the general public of entities that were previously classified as financial institutions but are no longer so classified.

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What is the purpose of SIPRES?

Users, as well as the general public, will benefit from this system, which has been designed to provide all of the information pertaining to the financial institutions that make up the jurisdiction established prior to Condusef, thus fulfilling a specific function in which even the smallest detail is important. There is a representation of the information that each user needs to know.

Overall, SIPRES contains all historical information about corporate names held by financial institutions over time, followed by those that have ceased to exist as a result of mergers or are still associated with other entities.

In accordance with Condusef and the provisions of the Financial Services Provider Register, any financial institution that reviews, modifies, updates, or validates its information in the SIPRES portal must ensure that it correctly complies with all of the requirements set forth in those documents, including the Financial Services Provider Register.

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What kind of information can be found in the SIPRES Condusef Register?

The term "corporate information" refers to a register that allows the general public to learn about the corporate information of the financial institutions that make up their lists, including their names, their corporate names, their Federal Register of Taxpayers number, and many other specific data about each entity.

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